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Ma Fei San麻沸散Ma Fei San is the first anesthetic in the world and was invented by Hua Tuo, an outstanding doctor in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Although Hua Tuos ancient prescriptions were lost, the ingredients are thought to have included cannabis and datura, which is a hallucinogenic plant and was later recorded as an anesthetic during the Song Dynasty. Some specific cases of abdominal operations were dilated upon in Hua Tuos biography:A patient who suffered from abdominal pain for more than 10 days and had depilation of his beard and eyebrows beseeched Hua Tuo for treatment. The doctor diagnosed him as having deterioration in the abdomen, asked him to drink Ma Fei San,and then cut open and explored his abdo-men. The doctor removed the deteriorated part, sutured and plastered the abdo-men, and finally prescribed some herbs. The patient recovered after 100 days.This story is believed to be a treatment of acute appendicitis. There is a historical book,in which the excellent medical skills of Hua Tuo were reflected vividly.It read, Pro-vided that there was deterioration in the intestines, he would cut the deteriorated part out, wash the remaining part, sew up the abdomen, and rub it with ointment. In four to five days, the illness would remit and the patient would not wake due to pain; in a month or so, the patient would recover. ,, There is also the story of General Guan Yu among the people, whose arm was pierced by a poisoned ar-row during a battle. Hua Tuo advised Guan to drink Ma Fei San so that he could do the surgery, yet Guan would not agree. Hua secured his wounded arm into the i-ron hoop of the wood frame and administered a strong anesthesia for it; then he scraped from Guans arm all the necrotic flesh and periosteum, sutured the wound with silk threads, and dressed it with ointment. As a result, the life and arm of Guan Yu were saved.麻沸散是世界上最先被发明者和用于的麻醉剂,由东汉末年名医华佗发明者。华佗的古老配方尽管已亡佚,但人们指出麻沸散的成分不应还包括大麻和曼陀罗花,后者是一种可使人产生幻觉的植物,在后来的宋时期被记述为一种麻醉药物。在华佗的传记中详尽记载着其实行腹部手术的一些明确案例。有一个病人腹痛十余日,胡子和眉毛皆有开裂,他哀求华佗给自己医治。






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